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Tripoli University civil private university located in the capital Tripoli on the coastal road Janzur founded in 1999/2000.
University's vision :

Educational institution leading and distinguished in the field of education and scientific research.
Mission of the university :
Creativity and excellence in teaching, learning and research process, through abreast of the latest developments, to strengthen the University's visibility locally and regionally, in order to achieve a distinct and high-quality output meets the requirements of the labor market.
Objectives of the university :
1. The development of students' skills and capabilities of personal, academic, and scientific.
2. the development of academic programs and disciplines to keep pace with modern developments, commensurate with the needs of the labor market and society.
3. integration of quality and continuous improvement programs educational system.
4. elevating the level of study in the context of higher education and diversification, by using scientific and technological methods, in order to ensure the preparation of human frameworks efficient and advanced scientific and humanitarian fields in Libya.
5. closer relations and cultural and scientific links with local, regional and global institutions of higher education.
6. Encourage and support for faculty members and students to conduct scientific research and publication in various fields.
University policy :
The human element from the other elements of production advantage that is considered one of the development goals, and a means to achieve them at the same time.
The real problems encountered in the implementation of development plans in Libya is the lack of technical and managerial expertise efficient and highly skilled, which is a reflection of the lack of attention to this vital element in previous decades.

So the state to allocate a high percentage of public budgets and plans for economic development of the education sector, but the results of this heavy spending remained limited not commensurate with the increased spending on the sector size, since the sector outcomes are not commensurate with the needs of the market, and the reason is due to the imbalance and lack of balance in the based education system, and public sector policies that are not in line with the labor market.
In previous periods of high numbers was the number of learners and the number of students and scholars on the one hand, and the decreasing number of illiterates and illiterate in Libya on the other hand, as a matter of psychological satisfaction and pride internal and was regarded as a victory of the right of all aspects.
But the spirit of the times and the essence of progress now requires answers to a number of employees and the number of unemployed and the number of unemployed and technical literacy, the contemporary trend today is toward subspecialties in response to the requirements of the times, but the disciplines do not come to fruition only if there solid ground of the overall composition, the overall global configuration first and then go to the majors, and appeared in the last two decades of the last century, a new problem in terms of manpower, namely, the problem of unemployed graduates, which is one of the big problems facing the Libyan economy today.

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