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Department of Accounting :

He grew up the accounting department with the founding of the university in 1999, and the accounting department, received the first batch of students in the first semester of the 1999/2000 m academic year after it has been necessary number of faculty members appointed, in addition to providing references and books possible scientific journals. And since the emergence of the department and develop the study plan requires the student to complete the study, or (140) an hour, include university requirements and the requirements of section that enables him after passing successfully obtained a bachelor's degree. I have been taking into account integration and interdependence between the courses that are being studied to complete graduation through its focus on the integration of scientific and practical sides.

· Vision :

Excellence and leadership in providing academic programs and research activities and community service in the field of accounting sciences.

· the letter :

Accounting graduate qualified cadres scientifically qualified to meet the needs of the local market through the adoption of compatible programs with scientific quality standards as well as to provide the community with research specializing in financial and accounting science for the advancement of the profession and support the national economy objectives:

The program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. graduation professionally qualified personnel in various fields of accounting and needed to carry the burdens of the profession.

2. provide students with accounting and financial science so that it is capable of dealing with contemporary accounting problems

3. The richness of knowledge and contributing to the scientific progress in the fields of accounting and auditing by doing scientific research and keep up with the evolution of knowledge of accounting.

4. taller symposiums, seminars and conferences in the field of competence to discuss contemporary topics or problems of scientific fact.

5. Preparation of accounting research and specialized studies with a focus on applied research that offer solutions to scientific problems.

6. meet the needs of the surrounding environment of training services and scientific research and consultancy for finance and accounting in order to contribute to the support and development of the various institutions and sectors of the local community.

7. equip students with the necessary communication skills to deal effectively and efficiently with the computer systems.

8. support and promote the knowledge and use of modern technology in various accounting fields.

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