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Department of Architecture :
Out of interest in university education Balibia in various fields, in order to improve the services of engineering and architecture provided to citizens and society, creating a lot of confidence in our national institutions capable of giving and giving, it was decided to create the Department of Architecture to be within Tripoli Private University system.
• Vision :
Department of Architecture is looking forward to excellence in scientific research and the preparation of the iconic graduate has the talent and artistic taste.
• the letter :
 The mission of the Department of Architecture to provide excellent scientific material in the field of architecture in order to upgrade the professional level of the graduate section through the linkage between theoretical study and practical application while respecting environmental and humanitarian effects and technology, and to meet the needs of the community and the environment.
• Objectives :
1. The general skills development such as individual skill and teamwork and continuous learning
2. The student basic science and bases architectural and urban definition.
3. various skills development through knowledge of the principles and theories of architecture and the application of the principles of basic sciences in the field of architecture and the use of advanced computer applications
4. teach students the foundations of professional practice, durable and effective communication with businesses and civil society
5. activating the role of the practice of the profession through more effective programs for summer training in architecture and urban institutions
6. Provide effective elements may face future challenges.​

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