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Banking and Finance Department :

Money, no matter how different their names and types and forms, is the highest and smartest idea came out of human and applied, people in different activities, exchange of goods and services among themselves in exchange for paper trust each trust.

The banks have emerged as institutions (organizations) to collect the money and management of the national economy and providing loans and facilities (financing) to investors for the purpose of establishing new projects or expansion, or renewal, in order to expand the productive base, and meet the growing and evolving demands of the population, which is growing in numbers with the passage of time, and increased the need for cash and the assumption of the banking system, and thus keeping the funding of various types play a key role and leadership in the economic and social development process.

Thus, banks have become money with the passage of time are the backbone and foundation of economic and social development.

· Vision :

 Section aspire to leadership and excellence in preparing students in the fields of finance and various banks Service ambitious development programs.

· the letter :

Excellence in education and training of students in the field of finance and banking, through the use of the latest technologies to enter the markets for local, regional and global money.

· Department Objectives :

Banking and Finance Department aims to the following objectives:

1. Prepare research and studies in the field of finance and banking, with a focus on applied research that offer solutions to scientific problems.

2. Encourage knowledge and research and the use of modern technology in the fields of banking.

3. Preparation of highly qualified cadres in the field of finance and banking.

4. meet the labor market in the banking and finance areas.

5. contribute to the implementation of the state plan, in terms of the transition to the investment community.



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