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Business Administration Department :

A Department of Business Administration at the University of Tripoli sections inception to the year 1999/2000 m, where he was part of the core that I miss them university back. Section today falls within the administrative structure of the University, and multiple interests section multiplicity of management and arts Sciences, the department aims to maintain educational quality and the preparation of a layer of managers able to face the challenges of the times and serve the community through the graduation of cadres capable of building and developing the administrative work within the institutions characterized by professionalism and ethics idealism the theoretical and applied research and development, which depends on the research and practice, and to be a leading knowledge-based Centre for radiation and distinct in the areas of knowledge, research, teaching, training and consulting in the production of administrative Sciences.

 Vision of the program :

The preparation of a highly efficient administrative leadership.

 the letter :

Rehabilitation of students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their professional careers in business organizations and the community and the graduation of professionals, leaders, researchers and thinkers in the various administrative areas, to Itbuua influential positions in state structures and the private sector, thus contributing to meet the aspirations of the community in the Renaissance and sustainable development.

Objectives :

 Administration Department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Provide students with the principles and concepts upon which the administrative function and theories of modern management thought and trends.

2. The development of the student's ability to integrate and logical analysis in addressing administrative issues at the interaction with the administrative work the institutions of society.


3. Rehabilitation of graduates to meet the needs of the community in the public and private sectors in various administration routes.

4. As one of the private universities always there is a tendency by the university administration to provide all his influence on the development section, by: providing possibilities for contact over the Internet, providing the library at the university, in order to broaden the perceptions, and learning styles of the student and visit the means of self-learning.

5. provide students with managerial and analytical skills of being able to deal with various administrative problems.

6. highlight and emphasize the importance of management to participate in the process of economic development, social, and through the graduation of administrative cadres of leadership to deal with the practical reality towards the construction and development of the community.

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