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Department of English Language :

Department of English founded the university in 1999/2000 m, the department aims to prepare distinguished students holding a bachelor's degree in English language and have the knowledge and understanding of high skills and comprehensive theoretical and practical, and able to compete in the local, regional and global labor market.

Vision :

Excellence and leadership in the field of English language and scientific research

the mission :

We strive to contribute to the scientific, cultural and social structure of our country by providing the community with specialists in English through the application of modern methods and technology in education

Objectives :

1. Rehabilitation students to use the English language correctly in both written and spoken

2. provide students with language skills that make them able to use English in different situations

3. Preparing students for the labor market needs that require the use of English

4. Contribute to the development and improvement of community organizations that use the English language performance by providing them with qualified graduates

5. Focus on the use of modern teaching methods that ensure teamwork, participation and interaction between students

6. directing the research work of students to deal with the teaching and learning of the English language issues

7. Students develop technical capabilities through the use of modern technology in the field of education and communicate with them.

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