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Department of Information Technology :

Technology Department was established information at the University of Tripoli eligibility in the same year, which was founded by the university 1999/2000 m, and the system of study section separation system where the student studies (8) chapters student receives a bachelor's degree upon graduation and no section number (2) labs, and there are department faculty Aqarin competent and polite, the department aims to graduate specialists in computer and software field.

• Vision :
Quality in education and leadership in scientific research in the field of information technology to meet the needs of the labor market
• the letter :
  Produce graduates and qualified cadres cognitively and professionally to keep up with the labor market in the field of information technology and provide them with the technical skills required and the Hittite.
• Objectives :
  Section program aims to achieve the following :


1. Develop student performance Information Technology Department through workshops and lectures to keep up with all the rapid developments in the field of information technology.
2. Provide advice and scientific and technical assistance to those who are using computer techniques.
3. raise awareness of the use of information technologies and raise the efficiency of their use among alumni section.
4. conducting scientific studies and applied research in the field of computer science that have a direct impact on community development.
5. enable students by introducing them with the necessary tools to provide an effective service to the information industry and the needs of the community and technical skills after graduation.



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