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Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences :


Based on the urgent needs of the community for graduates of specialty pharmacy and medical laboratory analyzes and Tripoli Private University has established two categories of Medical Sciences in 2014 and 2015.
Kdastqtabt and an excellent selection of university teaching graduates of international universities with high efficiency and long experience in the academic and scientific spheres staff. University of distinguished educational laboratories in the comparable amusements existing laboratories at other universities
Out of interest in university education in Libya in various fields, and in order to upgrade health and therapeutic services provided to citizens, and create a lot of confidence in the medical institutions, it was decided to create the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences to be within Tripoli Private University system.
The program is developed for the Department of Science academic medical laboratories newborn is unique and distinct program in Libya, where he was placed in accordance with the latest international scientific methods, with this section gets a graduate degree Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences.
And it will be characterized by graduates of this section as derived from the science and expertise of both theoretical and practical, for his ability to play an active role within the medical team therapeutic in terms of its ability to conduct the analysis required for the diagnosis of various diseases, as becomes has the ability to communicate with the medical team for any medical institution therapeutic, and this role outstanding graduate of the section will be reflected on the provision of high-level medical service within the various therapeutic health institutions beginning of primary health service centers to clinics and inpatient hospitals and large medical centers.
The graduate department qualified to help in some other medical professions such as pharmacy, public health, and all this comes through work in laboratories to clinics, hospitals and public and private clinics and dental clinics, and centers of scientific and academic research interested in science laboratories, and decisions contained in the study plan for the department, which has put its content scientific theory and practice according to the latest global systems and curricula.
These courses are taught in eight semesters, and at a rate of three chapters in the academic year (Chriv- Rabie summer), and the study will be launched in this section during the fall semester of the academic year 2015/2016 m.
See section :
Preparation distinct cadres in the field of medical laboratories contribute to the development of scientific research and to provide excellent health services for the community.
 Message section:
Seeks medical technology for the preparation of the cadres of the Department of Medical help is able to keep up with laboratory techniques and scientific modern in the technical field, providing educational services by relying on cadres, local expertise and the use of modern technology in education to contribute to the advancement of health services provided to the community.
Goals Section :
1.alaml to prepare medical staff to help in preparation for a senior scientific follow-up medical technology in the field of technical disciplines in the field of medical laboratory that is one of the important areas to raise the efficiency of health services provided to the community.
2.ajra field research that will contribute to increase the level of health services to society.
3.alaml to develop scientific methods to keep pace with modern technology taking place in the world now.
4.altaaon with the corresponding faculties in the field of health education and research institutions to support the department's activities in scientific research.
5.thakiq laboratory safety in the disciplines of medical laboratory science.
6.khaddmh society by holding seminars and training guidance and awareness.



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