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law Department :

Support for the process of education and development of students' skills, and Antlacamn the right to education for everyone in the Libyan society and Adrakalohmah role played by the study of law as a scientific renaissance Ravedahamamn tributaries that supply the community with its needs of jurists and experts and Vgahaih. Law Section was established a year (1999) to be a beacon of science and knowledge at the University of Tripoli eligibility and then section realized the inevitability of arms science and knowledge, creativity and innovation and development tools are indispensable in order to achieve the educational goals which Maaneks Geliavi design decisions of law and scientific contents .uallah was opened for acceptance in front of students who have qualified GCSE equivalents were relying on Tripoli University program (General) in the evaluation of materials and vocabulary assessments of students were Oadaalastaanh faculty members from various Libyan universities to meet the requirements of section in the field of teaching.

· Vision :

Law Section is looking forward to a high level of leadership in the areas of education and research to meet the labor market needs of distinct legal cadres.

the letter :

Preparation distinguished graduate in Legal Studies has the ability to compete in a manner consistent with the needs and ideas of the community.

Program Goals :

The program aims to achieve the following goals :

1. Prepare graduates are characterized by scientific competencies qualified legal thought to actively contribute to the development of society.

2. dissemination of legal culture among Students, and the development of awareness of the regulations, laws and regulations and make them aware of the importance of commitment to ethics and values ​​and principles of the legal profession of different types.

3. Support and encourage knowledge, research and technical grades in different legal fields.

4. Students gain knowledge and the ability to take different legal skills such as the proper interpretation and analysis of the provisions of the legislation.

5. contribute to the adequacy of the sectors (public and private) of legal disciplines required of a law firm and legal consultancy and other legal activities and diplomatic fields.

6. contribute to the adequacy of the branches (judicial and legislative) by preparing and qualifying students to work in all areas of the judicial environment, ie institutions and bodies, the judiciary and the legislative and legal circles.

7. Self-development capabilities for students on how to link between theory and practice, this can be by building personal scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally student in accordance with the requirements of Libyan society and the humanitarian community in general.

8. encourage collective participation of students in the practice of scientific and cultural activities and the dissemination of interest in the Arab and Islamic culture and humanity with care to foster the culture and heritage of Libyan society.

















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