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The structure of the administrative organization of the university for the academic year 2014- 2015 :

And practiced the organizational structure of the University of duties in accordance with the laws and executive regulations in force issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Centre for quality and accreditation of educational institutions and ensure the focus is on the following tasks:

(A) Educational policy of the University of industry

(B) drawing the necessary policy for the management of university funds and invested in accordance with the legislation in force.

(C) Selection of faculty for appointment or cooperate members, according to the situation, and propose assignment and seconded.

(D) propose a project internal regulations of the University.

(E) proposal of the study plans and the conditions for granting academic degrees.

(F) proposal to establish a scientific departments and follow-up approved by the competent authorities.

(G) the development of the conduct of examinations and scheduling systems.

(H) establish rules for the acceptance of students at the university, and other related conduct educational process at the university.

(I) Follow the rules relating to admission of students, and the system of study and lectures.

(J) identify the needs of the university teaching staff and technicians.

(K) identify the needs of the university labs and equipment and other, and other operating materials and the development of its specifications.



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