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Tripoli University civil private university located in the capital Tripoli on the coastal road Janzur the year 1999/2000 was established under the Higher Education Resolution No. (33) since its inception and is seeking to prepare the student academically and morally to be able to promoting responsibility in his service to his country.
The university now consists of eight sections of the Department of Business Administration - Accounting Department - Department of Law - Department of Foreign Languages ​​(English) - Engineering Department (architecture) - Department of Pharmacology - Department of Information Technology (programming, information systems, networks) - Laboratory Medicine.
The university has received institutional accreditation from the Center for Quality Assurance in 2008 and obtained the programmatic accreditation in the year 2011 of the sections of administration, accounting, law and the University will submit the rest of the sections to the Center for Quality Assurance for approval are other university offers its students opportunities to gain knowledge and scientific skills in those disciplines in the atmosphere scientific dominated tender outstanding faculty members and offers advanced curriculum in all disciplines with the use of modern teaching strategies to provide laboratories and technology learning modern He joined the university since its inception more than 4,700 in all disciplines out of which about 2050 students engaged in their work at several sites of state institutions successfully and in the continuous development of the framework of the university moved to the new building primarily on 5000 square meters containing 115 Hall distributed among classrooms and laboratories need learning process will be the exploitation of these labs in the field of scientific research for students and faculty through scientific research center at the university.
And now the university community numbers guide the university are pleased to put it in the hands of students and others as a contribution in providing the information required on all university departments in order to ensure the success of the educational process and keep up with the university students on the prospects of scientific development.

D / Shirin Mahdi Najim
University's president

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