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About The University of Tripoli Alahlia

The University of Tripoli Alahlia is a link in the chain of the system of universities of private education in Libya, which has emerged and spread in the last two decades in various countries of Libya, this university was established in the year 1999-2000 1999 . 2000 .

Based on policy number (33) Published by higher education and scientific research committee, it started with a variety of specialized scientific departments.: Department of management, Department of accounting, Department of law, Department of finance, Department of banking and investment, Department of english, Department of architecture and the department of information technology (Programming, Information systems and networking)Then two other scientific departments were finally added:: Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Medical Technology. The university offers its students multiple and varied opportunities to acquire new knowledge in the world of science, and the acquisition of scientific skills, and the collection of cognitive expertise in various disciplines, and various fields within the scientific departments through the latest adoption of scientific methods and the use of the new and distinctive strategies of education and modern systems.

The general objectives of the University of Tripoli, civil

University seeks to provide the highest levels of higher education in order to climb Btlaptna to achieve their goals and aspirations

The university was established (University of Tripoli Alahlia) in 1999 under policy number (33), Issued by Libya's Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee

The university received general institutional accreditation in 2008 It was the first private university to be audited by the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational Institutions..

The University received programmatical accreditation for some of its departments in 2011 By the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational Institutions.

The University seeks, in constant and steady steps, to obtain the programmatic accreditation for the remaining scientific departments by the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational Institutions..

The University ranked 12th locally among the ranking of Libyan universities in 2013 .

The University ranked seventh locally in 2017.

The University is the only private university that participates in the membership of the Supreme Council for Higher Education in Libya. 2015 . .

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Our goals

Preparing qualified graduates in all branches of science and knowledge, developing students' skills, updating teaching and learning methods and developing mechanisms and methods used in the educational process.

Supporting and encouraging faculty members and students in the various educational programs of the University and assisting and motivating those interested in conducting scientific researches and publishing them to benefit from them.

Joint cooperation with universities, scientific bodies and institutions at home and abroad and to provide consulting and to strengthen cultural and scientific links with other institutions

Raising the capabilities of academic and administrative leaderships, developing human resources skills at the university and improving academic performance

Developing the university infrastructure and improving all the activities and operations of its educational programs and endeavoring to adopt them in accordance with local and international standards.


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Definition of the University of Tripoli Civil

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